Personal Training

121 training will track your progress from day 1. You will be weighed, measured and photographed so you can monitor and see your changes along the way.

I don’t believe in offering single sessions as Personal Training is about mentoring a client over time to improve their technique and knowledge. This can’t be done in one session. Commitment from you gets commitment from me and GUARANTEES sustainable results whilst training with me. Don’t be fooled by low prices and constant introductory offers. In the long run you get what you pay for and I am offering you life changing results!

Consultations are FREE so don’t put it off, book in with me now and if you decide to sign up then you will get the following:


*Body composition assessment

*Body measurements

*Food guide specified to your goals

*Fitness assessment

*Round the clock support

*Access to my purpose built app

*Tailored AND progressive training plan

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