Online Training

The industry as a whole as seen a great influx in this type of training with a lot of people wishing to train with certain professional individuals who normally they would not be able to due to geographical barriers.

With online training you get the same professional advice from the Personal Trainer you desire for a fraction of the cost and can carry out your sessions in your own gym, home or park, at your convenience.

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to personal training. With my online coaching this is fully based around these requirements with no barriers due to availability or location. You choose when and where you exercise, and I plan your sessions around what you have available.

* Online training package – Starts from £119 / month

Say you train 5 days a week, that works out less than £6 a session, compared to the £35+ for a personal training session!!

Training and nutrition plan plus regular contact and updates (ongoing, min 3 months)

This is the most popular option as you get access to my purpose built MGPT app. With this we are in direct contact daily, you get your training plan presented to you in an easy to follow format, including videos and tutorials, you can track your progress as you go, enabling me to see, and make changes quickly as/when necessary.

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